Students participate in spring track


Chastity Brunner

Jump! Mackenzie Kelley jumps for pole vault at track practice on March 17. Kelley jumped then got back in line with the other vaulters.

Maddy Pincin, Reporter

This spring, seventh and eighth graders joined the school’s track team for either their first year or going into their second year to participate in an extracurricular activity.

In track, everyone gets accepted, and there are no cuts. Students can participate in the events they choose. There are about 16 activities to choose from including running, jumping, throwing, etc. The seventh graders are always new because it is their first year at the school although some eighth graders could be new if they decided not to participate in seventh grade.

“(I enjoy)Being with new people and running,” Davis said.

Track is a sport to take part in when trying to meet new people. Participants will be with people who enjoy doing the same event and can try and connect.

“It’s really fun and I’m liking it a lot,” eighth grader Maddy Adelaberger said.

This is Adelabergers second year of track.

“My sister did track and cross country when she was in school and I wanted to be like her so I joined,” Adelaberger said.

She was inspired last year to play because of her sister playing. 

“We mostly run and practice what events we are competing in,” Adelaberger said.

At track practice, they have conditioning and practice their events with the same people.