Mama Randazzo’s remains family favorite restaurant

Mama Randazzos remains a family favorite restaurant across Altoona.

Mama Randazzo’s remains a family favorite restaurant across Altoona.

Riley Steinbugl, Reporter

Mama Randazzo’s is a locally owned, Italian food restaurant in Altoona. They serve many homemade Italian dishes, and they have very good food and service. They are a family favorite restaurant in Altoona, and it is very enjoyable to go. They are locally owned, and they have authentic Italian food which is why they are a family favorite.

To begin, Mama Randazzo’s is a great restaurant because they have very good food and service. They have an amazing spaghetti dinner, as well as many tasty sandwiches which have many ingredient options and toppings for the sandwiches. They offer a wide variety of foods for customers and there is not a long wait for food. They make sure their food is well cooked and full of flavor. They also make sure to bring it out within a reasonable time. 

Another reason why Mama Randazzo’s is a family favorite restaurant is because they are locally owned. They are not a chain restaurant company which makes the experience of going there much more enjoyable. They have recently remodeled their building which also adds to the enjoyable experience. The employees are local to this area, and it is nice to be able to interact with them. They make sure to make sure that their customers have an interactive and enjoyable time.

The last reason why Mama Randazzo’s is a favorite restaurant in Altoona is because of their authentic Italian food. The owners of the restaurant are of Italian heritage, and their food tastes like it was just made in Italy. They have original recipes that are from Italian relatives which makes their food authentic. Unlike other restaurants, they know what it takes to make a good Italian dish. They put in the time to make sure they have the correct recipes so that customers can enjoy a wonderful meal.