Biology keystone preparations are definitely worth it


Caley Galarneau

Looking sharp! Ninth grade biology book helps students learn new concepts. The book was made by the Holt company.

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

The ninth grade students must take the biology Keystones on May 15.  As they work to get ready for these tests, many may say that it is just stressful trying to get ready for the biology Keystones.  The preparations are only going to help student more; people just do not realize it.  

Ninth grade students are doing practice packets and reviewing from the beginning of the year to make sure they are ready for the Keystone tests.  If they did not do this practice, they would not be ready for the Keystones and there would be a lot more students not passing the test.  Students must realize these preparations are meant to help them and not cause stress. Putting in the work with this review will help students get a better scores on the test and make the school look better.

One consideration should be students did not cover material in the entire biology text, and there could be things that they did not learn yet.  In the Human Systems and Diseases (HSD) class students learn something new about biology everyday that could possibly be on the test. If students are not in the HSD class, then there could be information that they are missing for the Keystones.  Too bad the state couldn’t schedule the Keystones slightly later so students had more time to get through more of the book.

Besides that small complaint, there are no other problems with getting ready for the Keystones.  I hope I do well, and I know these reviews are going to help me a lot. I hope that my peers also do well in this assessment.