Editorial: Congratulations to junior high softball


Ben Blackie

Riley Steinbugl waits on base while the pitcher throws the ball. She is getting ready to take a lead.

Riley Steinbugl, Reporter

The Altoona Junior High softball team has continued to win most of their games since they started their season.

They have dramatically improved from last season with far more wins already in the season which is why they deserve huge congratulations. They have started off their season with all wins so far.

They have crushed every team they have played including Mifflin County and Huntington. The team has many new seventh graders from the school who have joined the team and many returning eighth graders have come back from the previous season.

All the practice they have been having after school has clearly paid off. They have been working hard since early November doing indoor practices and batting lessons.

The team has more than 10 games left, and they are confident in their ability to win. The team is full of enthusiasm and energy which helps them on the field.

Coach Stevie Delozier has been doing an amazing job coaching the girls as well. She pushes them to do their best and to work hard. She encourages them and teaches them the game too. She has helped the team with their wins and amazing start to their season.

The team’s hard work and dedication is what shows on the field and the crowds come to watch. They get cheered on from the bleachers and it’s exciting to watch them play. They keep up the good work at every game and never get down if they make a bad play.