Circus returns to town


Chasity Brunner

The Jaffa Shrine elephants perform at the circus on April 12!

Joleyna Martino, Reporter

The Jaffa Circus is back in town. The circus returned on Monday April 9 and was in town until Sunday April 15. From clowns to flying trapeze and high wire acts, the Jaffa Circus attracts hundreds of spectators.

Wesley Williams is a well known unicyclist in the circus.

“My favorite part about the circus is the traveling; I like the aspect of going from different towns and cities,” Williams said.

The circus is on the road almost everyday.

“While I’m traveling, I’m always away from my family and never get to see them,” Williams said.

Williams’ twenty-foot unicycle act has caught the audience’s attention.

“I want everyone in the audience to know that I love what I’m doing; I enjoy everywhere I go,” Williams said.

Vincent Valla is also a unicyclist in the circus. He was born into the profession.

“I enjoy traveling with the circus; I like visiting all the different places and being with the animals,” Valla said.

Similar to what Williams mentioned, Valla often misses home too while performing in the circus.

“You don’t spend that much time in one area, and you are never home. If you want to join the circus my advice is to start practicing,” Valla said

Hans Klose is an animal trainer, and he performs with the puppies during their show in the circus.

“My favorite part about the circus is that there is something different everyday. The worst part is getting old,” Klose said

Klose also performs with Roscoe, the performing pig act, in the circus.

“I want the audience to know that we are here for your entertainment; we want to make your everyday worries disappear for a couple of hours,” Klose said.

Rachel Hutinger joined the circus when she attended school at FSU; she was eighteen and started learning circus skills.

“I love the traveling, and you get to come to work everyday and do your makeup and get dressed up in different costumes,” Hutinger said.

According to Hutinger this is her first time visiting Pennsylvania.

“This is my first time being here in Altoona, and it’s different everywhere I go. Here there is the big dome in the building, and that’s cool when I’m performing at the top because I can hear the audience talking and cheering. If you want to join the circus, pursue it to the max,” Hutinger said.