Another season of Duck Dynasty comes to an end

The third season of Duck Dynasty came to an end on Wednesday. The season came to an end with a one hour season finale. The last episode featured the trip to Hawaii that the Robertson’s took. Multiple people tuned in to the first episode of season three. The Robertson’s are high class rednecks. They hunt, fish and blow things up.

One of the funniest parts of the season was when Si and Willie were handcuffed to each other and Si was making Willie hit the desk. The season finale was funny especially when they lost Willie’s luggage and had to buy a skirt to wear. Then when they were all falling off their segways. Then when they abandoned their segways and followed the river to the ocean.

This season had a lot of funny moments like when Willie said that I better go to be a witness on the insurance policy when Jep and Jase were going to follow the river to the ocean. Also when they were jumping off of the pillar into unknown water.

It is one of the funniest shows on Wednesday nights. Also they show the reruns that you haven’t seen for a while mixed in with the more recent episodes. The new episodes probably won’t start for a while.