Top Five of the week

Caden Mcmaster, Reporter

*This is a blog where I go over the top five of something each week*

This week I am going over the top five Adam Sandler Movies.

Number 5: Click
After being stressed from the pressures of work and not being able to stay with his family, the main character goes to a store and finds an inventor who made a remote that can control time. This movie I thought had a really cool concept and was really well acted during the entire performance.

Number 4: Grown Ups
This 2014 surprise hit was a box office success and showed that the old timers of comedy are still here and just as funny. The movie is one of my favorites for the great one liners and the funny situations.

Number 3: Billy Madison
The movie features a  rich kid who has to go back to school to get his high school education. The film is a cult classic and is one of the films that started Adams Sandler’s career.

Number 2: Just Go With it
One of the funniest movies of all time (in my opinion) is Just Go With It. The movie features Jennifer Aniston along side Adam Sandler in this romantic comedy, and they have incredible chemistry. It follows a plastic surgeon who falls for a girl thinking that he has kids. The thing is that he doesn’t have kids so he convinces his friend to help him with the scheme and the movie is just a fun time for the entire audience.

Number 1:Happy Gilmore
The best Adam Sandler movie is Happy Gilmore. In the movie Adam plays Happy Gilmore, a man who finds out that his Grandma is being evicted from his house. While making a bet with the movers, he finds out that he is an exceptional golfer. He uses his newfound talent to go professional and try to make the money to save his grandmothers house. The movie is an 90’s classic which people today still love and adore.