National Junior Honor Society plans end of year field trip


Adviser Autumn Berry-Kyle

Current student leaders of National Junior Honors Society stand by the Backpack Program adviser at Thon with a check of $7,557.00.

Sarah Weathersbee , Reporter

On May 29, 2018 current ninth grade members of National Junior Honors Society will be going on a field trip to Hershey Park in Derry Township. Members had to complete 20 hours of community service along with turning in a $75 fee if they didn’t fund raise.

Members volunteered at various places to get in their hours of community service work. Hours were due on April. 30, 2018 to attend the trip.

“I volunteered at Saint Johns Church, and we raised money for kids in need and helped homeless people,” ninth grader Abigail McGeary said.

“I volunteered at Juniata Gap elementary school and got to help kids,” ninth grader Mallory Cree said.

After this year , new eighth grade members will be inaugurated into the club.

“To become a member, you have to keep your grades up and achieve honor roll,” McGeary said.

“Eighth graders who will be joining next year needed an overall GPA of 93 or higher their seventh grade year. Then they needed to  achieve a 93 or high average of first three marking period along with 10 hours of community service in eighth grade. Teacher recommendations are also used to determine members,”adviser Autumn Barry-Kyle said.

National Junior Honor Society has helped out with the Backpack Program.

“On April 13, 2018 we hosted our fifth annual Thon. All proceeds went to the Backpack program, and we raised the most amount of money out of the five years. We also helped the program by members volunteering there,” Barry-Kyle said.

There are requirements to attend the Hershey trip.

“To be able to attend the field trip you had to complete all the hours of community service, along with attending Thon which was a four hour community service project,” Cree said.

“To attend the field trip members had to complete their hours along with being in good standing,” Barry-Kyle said.

Students will continue with the club into tenth grade.

“National Junior Honor Society ends at the end of ninth grade and begings in tenth and eleventh to be inducted into the national honor society at the end of the eleventh grade year,” Barry-Kyle said.

“I will be continuing the club into tenth grade , and I’m very excited to raise more money for organizations,” McGeary said.

There are currently 133 members in the club.