School year went extremely well


Maddie Detwiler

The seventh grade floor was filled with new seventh graders on the first day in school of 2017. The new junior high students share different opinions of how their seventh grade year is going and will continue to progress.

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

This school year was very successful, and this was my best year at the junior high.  I met a lot of new friends, and I definitely did good with my grades. I accomplished my goal on getting higher grades, and I was able to lift my grades throughout the different marking periods.

The only problem I had with this school year was all of the scary shooting threats.  We went on lock down many times and had to be searched. I hope that the school gets better security for the future, and that there will be fewer threats next year.  I know the school cannot help the fact students are threatening their peers, but I hope the number of threats goes down in the future.

Although I did not like the fact that we had to go on lock down so much, I feel like our staff handled the issues very well.  They were able to keep everyone safe and calm. The Altoona Area School District seems to be getting better at handling terroristic threats towards the school and the improvements are truly being recognized.

Also, there were not that many complaints with how the school year went.  It was a very good school year and nothing really bad happened. I did not hear that much drama but that does not mean there was not any.  It just means that people were not gossiping. Maybe people are starting to mature now that they are getting older. Anyway, I am very happy with the outcome of this school year.  I am not sure if anyone else is, but I was able to talk to counselors about my future and work things out about where I want to go to college and so on. The school’s staff has helped students so much, and I cannot wait to hear about improvements within the staff after I move on to high school and college.  This school year went very well, and there were not too many problems.