Stranger Things


Season two, episode seven was actually good. I really liked this one a lot.

Riley Steinbugl, Reporter

On this blog, I will be talking about an episode of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, each week, including things such as, what I think will happen, as well as my thoughts on the characters and the events that happened. 

Welcome back to Stranger Things! This week we will be talking about season two, episode seven. I really liked this episode because it answered a lot of my questions and had more interesting events going on.

At the start of the episode, Eleven was with her long lost sister. She found her by using her telepathy skills. The girls don’t really look alike, but they grew up together and have similar powers. Eleven’s sister is named Kali, and they are so happy to be back together. I was so happy that El found her sister again.

El’s sister helps her use her powers better, and they work together for awhile.

Soon, Eleven learns that the group her sister is part of tracks down old Hawkins’s Lab employees and kills them for torturing them when they were little. Eleven doesn’t think this is okay, but she does it anyway. It isn’t very good that they are killing people, but I guess it’s fine.

After they do the first one, Eleven realizes it is too much. She runs away and tries to get home. I was kind of glad that Eleven left because I didn’t think it was good for her to be doing this bad stuff.

Eleven finally gets home and is safe at the end of the episode. I was glad she got home safe.

Like I said, the episodes in season two are much shorter, but I still really liked this episode. It had a lot of new events and scenes in it that made it more interesting.

That’s it for season two, episode seven. Tune in next week to hear about season two, episode eight.