Life of a twirler


Strut your stuff! On Dec. 2, Caley Galarneau competed at a competition at the Altoona High field house. She placed second in her division. Photo taken by Chasity Brunner

Caley Galarneau , Reporter

The moments twirlers go through every week.

This week has been really fun at my practices, and I am so excited for my competition next Sunday in York.  I am only doing team and strut in York, but I am going for a regional title in my strut.  I am really looking forward to seeing if my strut is good enough to beat the other girls and win a regional title.  If I won the regional title, I would probably start crying because I have not been twirling for that long and it would be such a great achievement.

This weekend, I am competing with the schools  marching band at adjudication in Hershey Park.  I am a little nervous because I do not know how well we will do.  I hope we get a better score than the last group that went, but I doubt we will because the last group was extremely good.

Next week I will be able to tell you how the band did at adjudication.