Top five of the week

*This blog is about the top five of something each week*

This week I am going over the top five candy bars

Number 5: Milky Way
I absolutely love these caramel filled chocolate bars. These taste really good in my opinion, and my only grievance is they could be bigger.

Number 4: Hershey bar
Probably the most famous chocolate bar in the world; it is just pure chocolate and people just love it. I especially love it for the park that they have made because that place is just really amazing.

Number 3: Crunch bar
These bars have little rice crispy treats inside and that makes them an original product that I did not think that I would like, but I did.

Number 2: 3 Musketeers bar
The fluffy filling inside this bar has me loving this for probably the rest of my life. The whipped nougat tastes delicious, and I love breaking it in half exposing the inside.

Number 1: Twix
This chocolate bar is so high on my list for the fact that there are two inside the packaging, so we basically get two for one. The company has great advertising for choosing a side like left or right Twix.