Escape room challenges students

Seventh, eighth and ninth grade students took on the escape room challenge on May 11. Thanks for the photo:

Joleyna Martino, Reporter

On Friday May, 11 two students from each grade level and four of their invited friends competed in an escape room to win prizes. The students who submitted Lion Loot at lunch were randomly chosen to be put into the escape room challenge. Nicholas Caminiti organized the challenge.

Seventh grader, Sam Colombo, was one of the students selected for the escape room challenge.

“Going into the challenge I was really nervous and worried about not being able to get out of the room,” Colombo said.

The students went through a series of challenges throughout the escape room to try and get out.

“The hardest but most fun part of the challenge was figuring out the combinations for the locks with my group,” Colombo said.

Eighth Grader, Emma Dietrick, was one of the students selected for the escape room to represent the eighth grade.

“The challenge was super fun, I had a good time with my friends. I was excited that I was picked,” Dietrick said.

Each of the students faced different difficulties while they were participating in the challenge.

“At the end of the challenge there was a Sudoku puzzle that my team and I had to figure out. I think that was the hardest part of the whole challenge,” Dietrick said.

Ninth grader, Sarah Graham, was chosen as one of the representatives for the ninth graders.

“The challenge was really fun, my friend wanted to do the challenge, so I put in a lion loot for a chance. It just happens I got picked,” Graham said.

In second place for the challenge was Sam Colombo’s team, and placing first was Julia Lane’s team. All the teams made fast time escaping the room and doing all the challenges. Watch the students escape the room here.