Weather interferes with music department adjudication


Caley Galarneau

Take a bow! The Altoona music department competed in Music in the Parks in Hershey. Emily Latten, Jackie Ertwine, Rebecca Dieter, Emily DeFrancesco, Andrew Zupon, Ami Smith Banks, Seth Brunnhuber and Aiden Philips went up to receive the awards for the music department.

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

On Saturday May 19, the music department went to Hershey, PA to compete in Music in the Parks.  It was a nice competition and was set up very efficiently, but the weather was terrible. The people in charge obviously could not do anything about the weather, but the marching band had to stand outside in the cold weather and pouring rain.  Not only did they have to stand there, but they had to perform in it. There were some individuals in marching band who got sick from the bad weather and standing out in the rain.

Besides the weather hold back, the competition went very well.  All of the music sections won first place, and orchestra, marching band and jazz band got superior ratings.  Then chorus won first place and for an excellent rating. Overall, the music department did a very good job. The contestants were very respectful towards one another. The awards ceremony was very exciting and every school supported each other and clapped for each other when the awards were announced. There was a very positive vibe in the arena, and every school did a very good job. Although the weather conditions were not ideal, the band held their own and did an amazing job.  They fought the weather and got a superior rating.

Overall, Music in the Parks was very successful and very fun.  Everyone who was there supported one another and worked as a team.  This trip will be one to remember for the students in the music department.