Life of a twirler


Strut your stuff! On Dec. 2, Caley Galarneau competed at a competition at the Altoona High field house. She placed second in her division. Photo taken by Chasity Brunner

Caley Galarneau, Reporter

The moments twirlers go through during the week.

This is the last week for my blog, and it is a good time to end it.  I do not have any competitions for a week or so, and the season is slowing down.  I would just like to say how fun baton twirling is, and how fun it is to twirl with your best friends.  I hope this inspires some people to start baton twirling and pursue it through life.  I will continue twirling, and hopefully become even more successful.

I hope everyone that reads this has a great future and are also successful.