Junior high band participates in parade

High school football celebrates rivalry game


Waving Flags This is a picture of Piper Bastian marching in the AAJHS parade.

Avery Reid, Reporter

Welcoming AAJHS Band
The color guard carry the junior high banner and lead the parade.  The parade took place before the start of school.
Listen to the Brass
A group of brass players march in the parade.The parade began at the Roosevelt field.
Marching with Pride
Lilly Noffsker and Keria McKee march as majorettes.
Marching Silks
A group of AAJHS silks marching in a parade held on Sixth Avenue.
Blow Your Whistles
Hailey Frontino and Charolet Boyle lead the brass players in the parade.
Stand Straight
The silks also participate in the parade.


Marching To A Beat
Trombone players and brass march in step.
Twirl With A Passion
Carly Mann, the majorettes captain, leads her team in the parade.
Waving Flags
Piper Bastian prepares for the first song.