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Lee Brice singing to his fans. Courtesy of

Lee Brice singing to his fans. Courtesy of

Lee Brice singing to his fans. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Lee Brice

2. Brantley Gilbert

Summary of the top two below:

If Lee Brice would ask me what my favorite song is by him, I would definitely choose “A Woman Like You.” It tells a great story. Whoever the girl is he is talking to in this song must be really lucky. When I first heard Lee Brice’s voice I immediately wanted to listen to more of his music. His songs tell his life stories and adventures. Listen to them and it will feel like you already know him. That is how good he is with writing his songs. Yes, he is a songwriter and he writes them himself. I’d advise anyone to take the time and hear what of his songs and listen to the story he is trying to tell.

When Brantley Gilbert writes songs, something has to influence him to write it. His songs are about everyday life. He is a country rock artist. He still has that country in him. His music is different because it is not fully country. Different can be good sometimes though and in this case it is. He is a good performer when he is up on stage or wherever he is. He is not one of my favorite artists but I do enjoy his music. He is rarely on the radio because he is not on the top charts. He is not that good to be on top yet anyways.

Upcoming Concerts:

Brantley Gilbert and Tim McGraw. Saturday, May 18. Burgettstown, PA.


Brantley Gilbert is going on Tour soon, look up dates so you can go!