Harvest Day moves to Mansion Park


John KIng

Fun in the Bouncy House! Students from all grades are about to get into the bouncy house. On Harvest Day, Annetta Conway ran the bouncy house and collected all of the student’s money.

Zakary Hicks, Reporter

On Oct. 4, students celebrated another Harvest Day.

Students who sold two magazines earned the opportunity of Harvest Day festivities.

Students went to Mansion Park for the first time this year to celebrate Harvest day and hang out with their friends.  Eating snow cones and playing kickball was how they spent their school day.

This is the seventh graders first year and this is some of the ninth graders third year going.

“There was a lot more room and more activities this year. This year was definitely better,”  eighth grader Alyssa Spencer said.

A lot of kids walked around with friends and participated in some of the activities like volleyball and kickball.

Harvest Day was from fourth period to middle of seventh this year.  It ended a little early than expected because it rained.

“It didn’t completely ruin it, but it definitely did some damage to everyone’s mood,” ninth grader Jaden Kubica said.

It raining hasn’t been a huge problem in the last couple years, so when it started pouring many people looked shocked and upset because they weren’t prepared for it.

“The rain didn’t completely ruin my day, it just made my hair look bad,” Spencer said.  

A lot of students threw pies in teacher’s faces.

“Harvest Day was a lot of fun, but the best part had to be throwing a pie in my teachers face,” seventh grader Kaylee Burk said.

Next year at Harvest Day there will be a lot of familiar faces and some new.

“Being my first year at Altoona I didn’t know what it was going to be like, but it helped me meet a lot of people and showed me that Altoona was fun,” Kubica said.

“I got to spend my whole day with my friends, play volleyball and eat snow cones. It was a pretty good day,” Burk said.