Drama club presents Goldilocks on Trial


Savannah Blazer

With lots of attitude “Baby Bear” discusses her thoughts with Papa Bear. Baby Bear preferred to be called Tiffanie and was not happy with her father’s decisions.

On Oct. 18 and 19, the drama club introduced Goldilocks on Trial at 7 p.m in the auditorium.

The tickets sold at the door were $3 for k-12 and $5 for adults. Connor Chywski was the director of the play. He was hired last year as a ninth grade English teacher and wanted to assist in drama.  He takes on this role while Alyssa Hetrick is on maternity leave.

The club chose this play for a variety of reasons.

“We thought this it was a really funny play for one thing. I wanted the kids to have a lighthearted comedy that they would really enjoy performing and that we would enjoy directing. The students put in a lot of time and effort, and I’m very proud of them,” Chywski said.

Eighth grader Christina Dicus was part of the makeup and costume crew for the play and plans to continue that role for the future musical.

“I am part of makeup, and I love doing the big bad wolf’s makeup. I like blending in the contour and laughing at how brown his face looks,” Dicus said.

Drama students were expected to be at each practice. They had to know their lines and know when their lines come in for the practice.

“We have about two (practices a week) when we are not close to the show and about everyday when we are close to the show,” Dicus said.

Ninth grader William Secriskey was the lawyer for the bear family, AKA DA Muffinhead.

“I think the main difficulty is that we have new directors, Mr. Chywski, Mr. Caminiti and returning director Mrs Hoover who isn’t a part of this school. Our main director, Mrs. Hetrick, is out on maternity leave,” Secriskey said.

Most students in drama club each had their own favorite moments within drama.

“My favorite part of drama is to be able to interact with all of the people like being a character and putting a spin on it,” Secriskey said.

 Parker Cook, played Baby Bear, AKA Tiffannii.

“Everybody did a great job, and I think the play went really well. Crew is a very important part of the play, and I think that they did an amazing job with sound and lights. The gasps were on point also,” Cook said.

The drama students had a party after school on Oct. 24 until 4 p.m. for their success in their play. Eighth grader Emma Blazer was juror number 7 in the play

“The party was awesome, and I had an amazing time hanging out with my friends. The drama club deserves this. No one has any idea how hard we work to put on a play,” Blazer said.