New Chromebook software shouldn’t be used

Zakary Hicks, Reporter

The teachers shouldn’t be able to see what their students are doing on their Chromebooks and shouldn’t have the new software called Impero.

This new Impero software allows teachers to see Chromebook screens from their computer screen and see what their students are doing to make sure they aren’t on different sites when they want them to be on a certain site.

The teachers shouldn’t be able to see computer screens because it takes away a student’s focus.  If someone is aware that the whole time he or she is working someone is also looking at their screen and is able to see their work pace and way of getting work done he or she could start to lose focus.  Some students feel a lot of anxiety and pressure when being watched closely.

Also it makes students want to work faster.  If they know a teacher is looking at their screen they start to speed up making them not think things over and not put time and thought into things because they feel like the teacher will think they are going to slow or aren’t working.

Although the Chromebooks are owned by the school, the students working have their own way of working and now that the teachers can lock screens it could get in the way of the student’s working process.  Everyone has their own process and way of doing things and schoolwork is one of the most diverse things because everyone has a different way of learning and completing work.

Some would say that having the software helps students stay on task and keeps them steady on work. Although some of that may be true, there are still opposing effects left on the student.  The software could end up making the student not want to put in any effort at all because they know a teacher is watching their every move which stresses them out.

The new software restricts students from taking notes on things while the teacher is talking, to search things to better understand something and to take a screenshot of something just taught to you online so they can remember it later.   All of these things help a student better learn something and now they don’t have those privileges. Although some teachers would consider these thing off task at first glance in reality they are not. The time spent explaining this takes away from valuable instruction time

A solution would be to just make sure the student is not on inappropriate sites by simply walking around the classroom and only use the software when a student is taking a test online.  

Impero shouldn’t be used because it gets in the way of learning.