Bad students need bad punishment


Detention sucks Students are handed detention slips everyday. They need to stop misbehaving.

Destiny Montgomery, Reporter

A student is picking on another student, doesn’t do his/her homework or refuses to do any work at all, and he/she doesn’t care what kind of trouble he/she gets into.

When students misbehave they are reported, usually, to the principal for their punishment. Depending on the situation, the punishment can vary. After school detention, Saturday detention, in-school suspension and out- of school suspension are all different types of punishment for misbehaving students.

Teachers have a different perspective on what they let their students do at detention. Some teachers let students just sit there, others give them work. Instead of students posting on their Snapchat story that detention sucks, they should be doing work as a consequence of their bad behavior. The students don’t learn anything at their detention session when they are on their phones. They think they got away with what they’ve done and will continue misbehaving.

Students will not learn anything by receiving out-of school detention. The students that are out of school have the perfect opportunity to play on their phones or play video games. They will come back to school being the same person that they were before they left. They won’t change their attitude or behavior and continue misbehaving.

Insead of having out-of school suspension, there should be two levels of in-school suspension. The first level would be like the normal in-school suspension. The second level would be like out-of school, but inside of the school.

Students that are not receiving a type of in-school punishment are not learning anything from their behavior. They need to do work and not mess around.