Students raise funds to support family affected by fire


Destiny Miller

Still standing This picture shows all that remains of the Miller Dicken house.

Destiny Montgomery, Reporter

On Oct. 12, a home went up into flames causing a family to start their lives over.

One of the family members living in the house was seventh grader Bailee Miller-Dicken.

She was not home when the fire happened, she was spending the night at a family member’s house.

“When I found out that my house caught on fire, I was completely shocked. It was the house I have been in all my life. I realized that we had nothing,” Miller-Dicken said.

The faculty decided to start a donation fundraiser to help Miller-Dicken. Eighth grade guidance counselor, Michele Holton, took part in leading the fundraiser. There was a benefit movie where students could pay $1.00 or more to be able to watch Incredibles 2. All of the donations made went straight toward helping Miller-Dicken and her family.

“Once the guidance department found out about the tragedy, they wanted to help her family through a dress down day and the benefit movie. Administration approved, so they were able to advertise to the faculty and staff. They wanted to help in any way they were able to,” Holton said.

Miller-Dicken expressed surprise and happiness when finding out about the fundraiser.

“I was in shock and very thankful for everything that the school is doing to help. The positivity of the other students and teachers made me feel a lot better because I knew I had support,” Miller-Dicken said.

Miller-Dicken’s family had struggles with finding a house and with the overall stress.

“The money helped purchase necessary items for the family. The faculty wanted to help purchase holiday gifts for the family too. The school raised around $600,” Holton said.”

Miller-Dicken is very thankful for all of the items and support she is receiving from the school.

“The best advice for any students going through the same situation would be to just stay positive and try to keep your mind off of it because it will make it a lot better,” Miller-Dicken said.