Coffee cart jump starts teachers’ days


Avery Reid

Steaming hot! The life skills department opens a coffee shop for teachers every morning. They delivery products right to them.

Avery Reid, Reporter

The life skills department is doing a coffee cart every morning  to promote interaction with faculty and for teachers to have a nice treat in the morning. They are doing the coffee cart every morning until the end of the year.

“We hope the cafe will brighten teachers day as well as offer hands on employment training for students,” coffee cart organizer Amy Arthur said.

The money that is collected goes towards the life skills department, so the students can go on educational field trips.

“ The best part about the coffee cart is meeting new people,” ninth grader Ethan Bailey said.

“My favorite person to see is Dotty Helsel because she always has a big smile on her face and it makes me happy,” seventh grader Bernadette Carnell said.

The life skills students don’t get a lot of interaction throughout the day, so this time in the morning makes them very happy. The inspiration for the coffee cart was found in an article that was published in a magazine.

“At the moment we are not opening the coffee cart for the students because it is taking money away from the cafeteria, and we want to see how it goes with teachers first,” Arthur said.

The life skills students brew their own coffee every morning. They buy prepackaged muffins and danishes; they also have packets to make hot chocolate.

“I love the coffee cart; I used to stop at Sheetz every morning but now it gets delivered right to me,” history teacher Mackenzie Wilt said.