Christmas spirit week- coming faster than snow


Connor George, Reporter

This year the ROAR committee has been working  to determine the days for their spirit week for the week of Dec. 17- 20.

According to Bridget Stroh, there will be “Mad for Holiday Plaid” Monday, “Ugly Holiday Sweater” Tuesday, “Red and Green” Wednesday and “Favorite Holiday Character” Thursday.

The ROAR committee hopes that all students participate in the spirit week.

“It gives you something to look forward to, it brightens up your day, and it’ll make really good memories of your school years,” student council adviser Jessica Hogan said.

Regarding participation, ninth grade student and president of the student council Macy Yost said, “I think students should, it creates a friendly environment”

“… I’m planning on doing that [participating in spirit week] as of right now,” one avid participant, John Nezneski said.

Nezneski also said that he enjoys the spirit weeks “… it breaks up the monotony.”

Nezneski’s prized holiday costume, the reindeer, will definitely show up.

“I have a $300 reindeer costume, and I love wearing it, and trust me you will see it,” Nezneski said.

However, the spirit days and the costumes aren’t the only fun part. According to Stroh, there will be a festive parade the afternoon of Thursday. This will be a time for clubs to advertise what they’re about.

The band and band front will be caroling about on Thursday as well.