Season for winter sport kicks in


Ben Blackie

Score it! Casey Kuhn is taking a shot while teammate Cassidy Klock watches. In January 2018 Altoona vs State Collage.

With the basketball an wrestling seasons starting, many athletes are ready to get back to the game.  Mike Kelly coaches basketball, and Cameron Kyle coaches wrestling. Boys’ basketball season kicked off with their first game Friday, Dec. 7, and wrestling’s first match was Saturday, Dec. 8.


Coming into the season each boys’ basketball player seems to have the same mind-set on starting the season.  

“Winning record and good season,” ninth grader Coleton Geibel said.

“Hope to win, and try to beat the maroon team,” eighth grader Taylor Lane said.

 “Undefeated season,” ninth grader Kayden Pierce said.

The season is not starting off the same as it did last year for the girls’ basketball.

“We lost one of our coaches;  things have been changing,” Lane said. 

The girls are still continuing to keep their heads up the season going.

Although the girls’ season has a different start to it, the boys’ season is starting off how they expected it.

“It started off smoothly,” Geibel said.

“I know everybody better than last year, and we traded players,” Peirce said.

The biggest challenge for the players is beating their biggest rivals, Hollidaysburg.


One of the biggest things about wrestling is being physical.

“What I enjoy most about the sport is the physicality,” ninth grader Connor Reimer said.

When coaching there are many advantages.

“My favorite part about coaching is that we all get to travel to other schools and compete against teams in different areas.  I love away trips,” wrestling coach Cameron Kyle said.

Coming into the match there are many ways to get through it.

“I try to keep the right mindset through the match,” Reimer said.

There are many techniques when teaching the sport.

“When teaching the wrestlers, I find it to be valuable if you can work humor into the lesson,” Kyle said.

Standards are set straight for winning hopes this season.

“I hope to finish with a positive record and coach in the state tournament again,” Kyle said.

 “Place high in every tournament,” Reimer said.

The record for wrestling last year was 4-5.