Students need to start showing more school spirit


Kaya Newell

Pin them! Altoona team mate Will Young makes an effort to pin his opponent. Young defeated his opponent and won a point for his team.

There are a small number of students who participate in school spirit events such as dress up weeks and after school activities. So listen up to these tips on how to improve school spirit

  1. Start more student sections at sporting events.  This will show the teams people are rooting for them by showing school spirit.
  2. Wear apparel that supports the junior high.  This will spread the junior high’s message to the word.
  3. Start participating in spirit weeks.  These events are special and more participation will make others want to join the trend.
  4. Participate in extracurricular activities.  Doing so will show one’s support for the junior high and one’s dedication as well.
  5. Attend sporting events and other events held by the junior high.  This will build a fanbase among the junior high’s sport teams
  6. Join in spirit clubs. The school has formed a Mountain Lion Fan Club this year. They participate in going to games and other extracurricular activities to cheer on the school.
  7. The school should permit students to buy an activity pass that can get them in to all school activities. Students would pay a singular fee to purchase the pass and then would be able to get in all other events for free.  This would help with the financial strain of buying tickets to every event.
  8. The school should advertise school sports more and give an incentive for participation in school spirit.
  9. School should have more games and matches during the school day to get more school spirit and the players excited.
  10. The school should have school rallies or assemblies. This will get the students excited for the teams and just to be a part of the school.