Vans become trendy

Kaya Newell, Reporter

The brand Vans has been producing shoes for 52 years. A Google search showed  they opened their first store on March 16, 1966 in Anaheim, Calif. Their products are aimed more towards people who skateboard, but many of their customers do not.

I got my first pair when I was in fourth grade. I was looking for a pair of sneakers that were still stylish but also comfortable.  I fell in love with the shoe brand. Now six years later, I have owned a total of ten pairs throughout my life. They have six classic shoe types, “Sk8-Hi, Old Skool, Slip-On, Authentic, Era and Ultra Range.” 

When I went back to school shopping, I had to get a new pair of shoes. I went to the shoe store Journeys because they have a large selection of Vans, and I tend to find a lot of shoes I like there. A pair of the classic Old skool Vans in the color black/white really caught my eye. They were $60 which I thought was a bit high for the price, but then I tried them on.  I worried the shoes would be narrow and slim like many other popular shoes such as Converse which can become uncomfortable quickly. Turns out they were the complete opposite. They were very comfortable, and the soles were neither too thick nor too thin. They match almost everything making it worth the money.

I also own a pair of the Sk8-Hi in the color black/white which I adore. They aren’t too high of a hi-top, and they are also easy to pair with a lot of outfits. They are easy to lace and look really good with jeans.

Vans has a website,, where one can order many of there products.They have shoe products for infants, kids, men and women ranging in from sizes infant 0-6 weeks to a men’s 18. They also sell sandals, snow boats and clothes. You can customize any of their classic shoes to make them your own. I would strongly recommend choosing the brand Vans if you are looking for a stylish, trendy, comfortable shoe that one can wear on any occasion.