School needs more movie days

Kaya Newell, Reporter

This school year all grade levels have been rewarded with only two movie days.  The last movie day was on Dec. 18 which each grade level had to raise money to participate in.

Students come to school five days a week for about seven hours a day.  At school students are learning, doing notes and taking tests from the start of the day to the end. Many students tend to get distracted and discouraged from their work because of their lack of interest in school. According to, two out of three students in high school say they are bored every single day in class.  School is a place for students to learn new things, but many students aren’t learning anything because of their lack of interest. They aren’t paying attention.

If the school schedules more reward days, students interest in school would increase as they are working towards a reward. Lion Loot needs to return and more teachers should reward students with Lion Loot for showing acts of kindness, participating in class and doing well on tests.  Students could then cash in their Lion Loot to attend a movie. Movies could take place once a month giving students enough time to earn Lion Loot. This process would encourage students to do better in school and participate because they are working towards something rewarding.