School sporting passes would increase school spirit drastically


Avery Reid

Editorial Cartoon

Kaya Newell, Sadie Price, and Conner George

School spirit is at an all time low, despite administrative and other school organizations attempts to improve it. So when it comes to sporting events, students should be able to purchase a year round t-shirt or pass giving them access to all yearly sporting events.

Students enjoy the spirit days put on by the student council and the F.O.R. club, so why not make it easier for students to go support their teams? It’ll certainly be easier for students to enter games without the hassle of dollar bills, and everyone loves an awesome t-shirt.

The Mountain Lion Fan Club could potentially sell shirts that would get students into the games for free. This would encourage students to support their sport teams, just like the free ticket days.

Students who do not want or are unable to purchase a shirt could also buy a sports pass. This would give students the option of not having to wear the same shirt every sporting event and just have a pass on them.

Having a sporting pass or T-shirt would make it easier for students, and they will not have to worry about constantly having money on them or about needing money to get in.

Students could have the option of purchasing a T-shirt in the size S, M, L, XL and 2XL. Students would be able to purchase t-shirts for a price of $15 or a sports pass for a price of $10.  The profits made from the purchases of T-shirts and sport passes would go towards the athletic department just as ticket sales do.  Profits from these shirts and passes are likely to exceed profits currently made with individual student ticket sales.