Listen up: Announcements are important

Sadie Price, Reporter

In the morning many students are not able to hear the daily announcements.  Students are missing out on events that already happened or up coming.

Students are supposed to remain silent until the announcements are over.  But that’s not always the case. Many times if students can’t hear they ask for their classmates to be quiet.  When doing this it doesn’t always work. Only some are quiet and the rest remain talking. Students are the ones causing this problem.

The announcements give useful information that informs students with daily news.  With this in mind, it’s not always the students’ fault. Teachers need to remind students to be quiet during this period of time.  Teachers should be more strict when it comes to listening to important events that are going on in the school. 

During announcements the school should think should think about projecting them onto a board so it can at least help the students who cannot hear.  With this, they will be informed and will not have to worry about trying to listen. Another idea that can help students with this is during homeroom period teachers should read the announcements off  their computer to the students.  This will get them caught up with anything they missed. If the school isn’t willing to do this then every morning the announcements should have a question that students need to listen to and answer. This will make students pay attention to the announcements and be quiet.

There are many ways to help students when trying to listen to the announcements.  The easiest solution is for students just to be quiet and listen.