Paws and Claws; Everything about pets

This is the Jack Russell named Jr. Photo taken by Katlyn Sunderland.

This is the Jack Russell named Jr. Photo taken by Katlyn Sunderland.

This is the Jack Russell named Jr. Photo taken by Katlyn Sunderland.

This week’s pet is a dog. A feisty, full of energy and assertive Jack Russell terrier named Jr. His owner is eighth grader Katlyn Sunderland. Jack Russells are a popular breed of dog, and they are known for their high stamina and athleticism. They are also used for a number of many reasons besides just a pet.

Sunderland named her Jack Russell by taking the first initial of the two words “Jack Russell” and combined them to get Jr.

“We got Jr for company,” Sunderland said.

Jack Russells do make good company, but they are also used for a number of other things. These dogs are used as hunting dogs, horse dogs and they make good dogs to be trained for movies.

The most important thing about owning a Jack Russell is training it. These dogs don’t come as perfect already, they need to be trained. This training includes obedience school. It’s very important that you have time and patience to devote to your Jack Russell. They are also mischievous and get into a lot of trouble when they can.

“Once Jr bit onto my uncles butt and he wouldn’t let go. My uncle was swinging and spinning around and he still couldn’t get him off,” Sunderland said.

Whenever there is an opportunity for mischief, these dogs are on it. They find loopholes in everything. They are also very good escape artists. Unfortunately, they are fearless animals. This is a problem because they can get into trouble quickly.

“Jr peed on my nana’s shoe,” Sunderland said.

Caring for a Jack Russell is vital for a his health. The recommended amount of food is 1.25 to 1.75 cups of a high-quality dog food daily divided into two meals. This may vary depending on what the size of an individual dog is. They should also have their nails clipped twice a month. They need to be groomed to remove the dead hair. All dogs have individual needs too.

“Jr needs breath wash once a week because his breath is terrible,” Sunderland said.

Jack Russells usually live between 13-16 years. The sad thing about Jack Russells is that many end up in a kennel because their owners weren’t aware of the needs of this dog. If someone is thinking of adopting a Jack Russell, they really need to be aware of the care this dog needs to have a happy lifestyle.