Diversity Club changes its foundation

Avery Reid, Reporter

Diversity club is starting fresh this year by changing meeting dates, having new members and appointing new leaders to guide the students.

“We are reorganizing our club this year so it can be more convenient for our club members,” Diversity Club leader Keith McFarland said.

Last year, the Diversity Club leaders made the meeting dates on Saturdays, so it was more convenient for some of the Penn State retired teachers to help them run and organize the meetings.

“ We realized that some of the things we were teaching the students last year were not modernized and needed updated,” McFarland said.

The Diversity Club has had announcements about the club meetings. They are also starting to put up posters in the hallways.

“The majority of the students in the school feel like they do not matter and are separated from other students,” McFarland said.

McFarland wants to teach the members of Diversity modernized problems in the world today.

“ The students need to know how to handle problems that are in society nowadays,” McFarland said.

McFarland is working with four foundation members to help rebuild the club.  Diversity Club’s next gathering will be held on March 28 in room C433.