McDonald’s Shamrock Shake brings smiles to customers


Sadie Price, Reporter

It’s that time of the year for McDonalds!  Shamrock Shake time. The Shamrock Shakes are a yearly tradition for McDonalds selling them every March for St. Patrick’s day.   According to Vox, over 60 million Shamrock Shakes haves been sold since 1970.

Out of all of the other seasonal drinks, the Shamrock Shake is the one that sticks out the most for St. Patrick’s Day.  This shake is a very simple and has minimal ingredients but a lot of flavor. There are three main ingredients to the shake.  They include ice cream, mint flavoring and food dye. The food dye gives it the signature green color.

The Shamrock Shake has its ups and it’s downs.  With the many different flavors the consumer will get when drinking it, it may not always be the best tasting.  The shake has a vanilla and mint green taste to it causing a different flavor than usual. This causes the taste buds to go a little crazy.  Another thing about this drink is the consistency. The consistency is very thick from the ice cream making it very rich and creamy.

A good thing about this is if the buyer is looking for something that is not like most drinks, simple and boring, the Shamrock Shake suits the crazy side to milkshakes.