Internet disconnects- and so does the school?

Internet disconnects- and so does the school?

Connor George, Reporter

Recently, an issue with the internet had arisen. The wifi on AAJHS Chrome disconnected, putting students offline. And the biggest part of this is that students stayed offline- for the most of the day. Teachers and students have been dealing with intermittent internet issues.

“These past few days have really opened my eyes on how dependant we are on technology. And now, Google classroom, Kahoot, and all these other educational sites are able to be used for educational purposes, and it’s really great to be a part of this revolution,” Wally Zapotoczny I.T. support said.

The technology department was able to band together and pinpoint the cause of the issue.

“The first step was really to figure how much was being affected,” Zapotoczny said. “It was an error on the server that provides the internet …there was a bug in the access point.”

And it wasn’t just Zapotoczny doing all the work.

“It wasn’t just my efforts; it was the efforts of the entire technology department. It really shows the power of our team environment, it’s not the efforts of one, but the efforts of many, working hand in hand, it’s my favorite part,” Zapotoczny said.

The issue seems to have arisen from an update from the internet provider.

“The update came from the service provider. We have a company that allows us to have a “birds eye view.”  And the company makes these updates, which was supposed to make things better. In the future, we’ll just be a little bit more careful,” Zapotoczny said.

After the problem had been cleared up, the technology department knew exactly how to solve it.

“They actually did a software update during fourth period, so that they could power cycle through the access points, we applied updates at a few times,” Zapotoczny said.

With a district the size of Altoona the technology department needs to be vigilant and work constantly to maintain technology and access.