Jason Marshall to speak at assembly




Avery Reid, Reporter

On Friday, March 29, Jason Marshall, an inspirational speaker, is showcasing scenarios to help students in conflict situations.

“My purpose is to travel the country empowering students to be resilient and turn their enemies into friends,” Marshall said.

Marshall teaches two basic principles when he does his speeches: (1) Don’t get upset and (2) treat your enemy like a friend.

“Try not to let the words have power over you, and you need to be able to bounce back,” Marshall said.

Marshall has directed his message of resilience to all ages, from early elementary students to high school students.  He has inspired teachers and parents as well.

“We hope students change their way of thinking after listening to Jason,” guidance counselor Michele Holton said.

There is a small fee for Marshall to come speak at the school.

“We like to invite youth speakers, like Jason, to the school because of their good message towards hard situations,” Holton said.

Marshall wants the students he teaches to live by the “Golden Rule;” this means to treat others the way you want to be treated.

“This event was arranged by Lori Mangan, Bridget Stroh and myself,” Holton said

Marshall has been empowering and inspiring youth for over twenty years, and he is going to keep inspiring the next generation.

Seventh graders will attend the assembly during first and second period, following eighth graders during third and fourth period and finally ninth graders will go during fifth and sixth period.