Different qualities needed to teach different grade levels


Kaya Newell

Good teaching! Eighth grade teacher, Cameron Kyle helps his student Tysen Larocco with a Chromebook problem. Kyle worked as an in-school teacher last year. This is his first year teaching eighth grade.

Kaya Newell and Sadie Price

With the new school being built it requires teachers to move floors and schools.  Teachers have the option to stay in the junior high or switch to the new high school. There will also be a number of new teachers joining the junior high as sixth grades move to the middle school. Here are some qualities teachers need to become a fantastic teacher at both schools.

Requirements of a high school teacher:

  1.  Flexibility. Having flexibility is important because students have other challenging classes.
  2. Teacher have to be willing to look back on lessons and see what they could do differently in order to succeed.
  3. Lessons. By teachers teaching harder and more complicated lessons it will teach the students more and learn to work harder.
  4. Organization. Teachers will have to teach their students it be organized for the college and life after school.
  5. Preparation.  With teachers preparing them for college it will give them a better understanding of what it is like and teach them

Requirements of a middle school teacher:

  1. Time Requirement.  With a strict time requirement it will teach students to turn things in on time and get them on schedule.
  2. Desire to work with the age.  Teachers need to have a good interest in the age that they are teaching and need to have control.
  3. Friendliness.  Teachers have to learn to understand their students knowing they are coming into a new school and may be nervous.
  4. Have interesting topics.  Having interesting lessons will help students pay attention and understand the topic that is being taught.
  5. Open-Mindedness.  Teachers should be tolerant of their students but also be able to adjust to challenges and the differences from the change of schools.