Jason Marshall motivates students, staff


Savannah Blazer, Photographer

On Friday, March 28, Jason Marshall, a motivational speaker, came to teach students how to “build resilience and live by the golden rule” as said on his website http://www.jasonstanleymarshall.com/.

What Marshall means by “resilience” is not getting upset. When someone calls another person a rude name or makes fun of someone, that someone needs to be “resilient” and not get upset because that person will get more enjoyment out of it if that person gets upset.

Everyone knows what the golden rule is right? Well, it says treat others the way you would want to be treated, or to treat that “enemy” like a friend. That person might not get much enjoyment out of that person if they treat them like a friend, so they won’t treat that person rudely anymore. As stated on Marshall’s website, “He strives to live it out by example, and raise his children to be resilient in the face of anything that comes their way.”