Internet lags cause work backup


Sadie Price, Reporter

Throughout the school lately, the internet has been down or slow.  This is causing multiple issues to occur making it hard for students to get their work done.  

The internet issue started at the beginning of February.  In March, there were the most back ups causing a lot of issues.

Many student assignments these days are done on Chromebooks or are on a device that requires the use of internet. When the internet is down the students are not able to complete the assignment, and most teachers do not have alternative assignments in case of this issue.

A way to prevent work from stacking up is teachers can make alternative assignments for their students. This will be in case the internet is not working.  This will not only benefit the students, but it will also benefit the teachers so they don’t have to worry about their students falling behind with work.

Another idea that could help this is teachers can only assign assignments on Google suite because they don’t require the use of internet.  So, if teachers would create most of their assignments on any Google suite then they will not have to worry about internet issues.