CF club teaches students how to code


Avery Reid

CF club has established a Google Classroom with a link where students can practice their coding.

Avery Reid, Reporter

There is a new computer club called CF (Computer First). This club, which is sponsored by Google, is helping students learn how to code.

The club is looking for individuals who have a strong interest in computer design and computer engineering.

“We are helping influence students to follow the path of computers,” technology instructor Nicholas Caminiti said.

At the high school, the students use Python and Java to code.

“We are trying to prepare the students for when they transfer over to the high school,” Caminiti said.

When the club meets, they work on coding with animation. They also watch videos to help spark some interest in coding.

“I was hoping to gain a grasp on what computer science really is and the knowledge,” ninth grader Connor George said.

With all these opportunities, the students hope to not only get experience and education but also a reliable, good paying job.

“Coding is teaching students words and phrases to make graphics move,” Caminiti said.

The CF club is a student paced club; this means the students work at their own pace and are not rushed.

“We are in the early stages and trying to build up membership for our club,” Caminiti said.

There are announcements during the morning, and soon there will be advertisements in the hallways of the school so students will know about the club.

“I found out about CF club from the announcements,” George said.

The meetings for CF club are held every Wednesday from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. in room C203.