The List forces readers to think


Photo taken by Avery Reid.

Avery Reid, Reporter

“The List” is a book that teaches readers about what high school girls have to deal with in their everyday lives.

While reading the book, the readers won’t want to put it down. As they keep reading, they will find out that high school is filled with complex situations.

“The List” is about a school, Mount Washington High, that posts a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in each grade during homecoming week. Each chapter switches from each girl’s perspective and their days leading up to the homecoming dance on Saturday night.

Abby, a freshmen who was named prettiest girl in her grade, is beyond joyful considering she is always in her sister’s shadow. Danielle on the other hand is named ugliest freshmen. She is worried about what her boyfriend is thinking of the list. Prettiest sophomore is Lauren, a home schooled girl who is becoming very popular in her grade. Candace is announced the ugliest sophomore, but the thing is she isn’t even ugly. At least not on the outside. Bridget is the prettiest junior. She got this spot on the list because of her summer transformation. The rebellious junior Sarah is the ugliest in her grade probably because of the standards she has for beauty. And last but not least senior Margo Gable (the prettiest) and Jennifer Briggis (the ugliest girl for four years in a row) are ex-best friends that haven’t spoken in years are and start to  interact with each other.

“The List” is the first book that I actually enjoyed reading. With all of its cliffhangers and dramatic moments, this book is very hard to put down. While reading the book, I realized what kind of reader I am and what genre of books I am delighted by. “The List” opened my eyes to a new way of looking at books. I enjoyed the book because I feel like I could relate to it. I recommend “The List” to anyone who likes realistic fiction and drama. The book includes modern day situations and dramatic scenes.

The message of “The List” shows the readers how teenagers treat each other and how it impacts them negatively.