Mountain Lion Movers moving kids into shape

Connor George, Reporter

The newly formed Mountain Lion Movers club is the newest craze today.  Every week, Monday through Thursday, the Movers club meets up to walk for a cause.  The cause- get into shape and have loads of fun.

First off, the Movers club was created by the Let’s Move Blair County Committee, which is a part of the Blair County Health Coalition.  Out of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, Blair ranks 51, which is very low. The committee motivates schools, companies, offices, etc. to create clubs and groups aimed at healthier living.  It’s paying off.

In the first week that the club was active, they reached 32,800 steps.  That’s about 8,200 steps a day- in 30 minutes. It has also been said that the club walked over 50,000 steps this week.  However, this shouldn’t be surprising, as students understand that they need to keep, or get, into shape. So far, the participants have been teacher Jessica Hogan, Beth Bronson, Michelle Anderson, and have gained Michelle Holton, Mrs. Kling, Patti Wendle, Lori Loucks, and a bunch of students.  

Every time a new student or teacher joins the club, more steps are taken, and the more steps are taken, the higher Blair County can get on the rankings. It has also been reported that Bronson walks very fast, which may be a possible reason for there being so many steps.

The Mountain Lion Movers club meets every day, Monday through Thursday, 3 to 3:30, every week.  They are super flexible, which means students and teachers  don’t have to show up every single day. If interested, just show up, no forms required.  Meet new friends, get into shape and most importantly, have fun.