Students deserve field trip

Connor George, Reporter

At the end of the school year, students who joined any part of the music department, National Junior Honor Society or student council get to participate in an end of the year school trip to an amusement park.  These trips are during the school day, with students missing classes to go on them. But should students really be missing class for field trips?

Letting students miss class to go to amusement parks sounds really strange, but it makes sense.  The students who are missing classes worked hard- the music department sets up concerts, bringing in school money.  NJHS pays dues, and student council has been the student body running the school. These students, who have put in more effort than their peers, deserve a break.

The eighth and ninth grade music department will go to Hershey Park on the May 29, seventh grade music department will go to Kennywood on May 30, NJHS will go to Hershey Park on May 28, and the Student Council will go Six flags May 31.