Reading Workshop to continue next year


Sadie Price, Reporter

Readers Workshop is a new way of learning for the junior high.  There are only a few teachers in the pilot this year such as Autumn Barry Kyle, Amanda Kelly, Wanda Vanish, Alyssa Hetrick, Tim Mitchell,  LIndsay Zerbee and Christine Knott-Hallinan

“The reading has increased since students are given more choices,” Kelly said.

Selections vary from different grade levels and academic levels.  Some ninth grade academic choices for social issues are “The Glass Castle,’ ’Genuine Fraud,’ and’ ‘I Have Lost my Way.”

“We are currently focusing on historical fiction and true events that happened in history; we have also looked at social issues and how they affect our society,” Kelly said.

With all of the books and different themes many student make connections.

“They compare to my life in the sense of I face a lot of the issues faced in my books,” ninth grader Noah Musselman said.

Reading Workshop changed literature instruction.

“I enjoyed reading new books and working with a group to do so.  I enjoyed how we did projects that incorporate our books with them,” ninth grader Kathleen Danbeck said.

With many of the topics such as history it teaches students new information.

“It made me analyze the underlying problems a lot more,” Musselman said.

Students are discussing topics such as themes, symbols and how their characters are changing over time.

“Students are able to discuss a book more in depth and complete constructed response writing prompts,” Kelly said

Teachers college from Columbia University started Reading Workshop.

“There has been a really big change and big results.  Some students in the classroom have read more than ten books and on average students read four books,” Vanish said.

There is a process for books to be chosen.

“We are anxiously waiting for books.  Teachers request books and they will get there,” instructional coach Keri Harrington said.

For Kelly’s class there has been a good outcome.

“I’m happy to see the students enjoying the lessons and participating in class discussions; they are getting very involved,” Kelly said.

Next year Connor Chywski, Michelle Garman, and all seventh grade English Language Arts(ELA) teachers will join the program.