Building staff starts school year

Get ready to learn The 7th graders are learning

Maddie Cowfer, Reporter

It’s time to cook
On Sept. 4 Kenneth Margroum’s family consumer science class learns about food safety. His seventh graders learn all about kitchen and food safety before they start cooking.
Can you hear it?
On Sept. 6 Kent Martin plays music for his students for a test. During class Martin played music and his students write how it makes them feel.
Safety first
One Sept. 6th Todd Pesavento’s tech ed class starts to make their charging stations. They took all their safety tests; now it’s time to start using the machines.
Start singing
On Sept. 4 2019 Jessica Connell’s third period class sings their warm up. Connell”s class sang “can’t buy me love” by The Beatles to warm up their voices.
Learning history
On Sept. 5 Cameron Kyle teachs about the Mayans. Kyle taught his students about the Mayans and how they used to live.
Keep working hard
On Sept. 3 Amy Savino works in the ninth grade office. Savino does a lot of the school; for instance, she handles the early dismissals and answers the phones.
Let’s read
On Sept. 3 in Lee Nevel works in the library with students to check out books. The library has lots of great books to check out just like these students did.
Learning new things
On Sept. 6 in Amy Palfey’s class, the seventh graders learn about others feelings. Palfey taught her class how to consider others’ feelings and think before they say something.
Let’s race
On Sept. 6, Lori Piper’s tech ed class race their balloon models. In Piper’s class they made models with a balloon and a straw and raced to see whose went the farthest.
Get ready to learn
On Sept. 6 Amy Palfey and her fourth period class talk about putting yourself in others’ shoes. Her class learned all about empathy and thinking about how others feel.