Fall play scares students silly

Show opens with special preview Oct. 23


Sufana Hamid

Practice! The actors practice their scenes making sure that the play will be flawless and accurate. They practiced their scenes and scripts for a long time.

Sufana Hamid, Reporter

A new drama play creeps its way to the school’s auditorium on Oct. 23, 24 and 25 featuring a Halloween theme. Scared Silly features some short stories put together. 

Drama club’s actors, crew and student managers have spent countless hours preparing for the show led by directors Alyssa Hetrick and Connor Chywski.

“I love being in drama. Everyone there is nice. I love the atmosphere and how everybody treats you,” ninth grader Emma Blazer said.

 In drama club they spend most of their time practicing their scenes and characters.

“I definitely enjoy the character that I’m acting. The character has an accent, and it’s more gentlemen like. It’s also quite charming,” ninth grader Camron Karuse said.

 The drama club gives multiple choices of different characters to act on the stage. For instance, in Forever Friends you can easily find Ashley, Hillary and Lia acting in a couple of scenes. 

“Our play is made of different scenes. Each different scenario is a scary story turned silly. Hillary is a character in Forever Friends. In Forever Friends, Hillary is sleeping over at her friend Ashley’s house with her other friend Lia. Hillary plays an important role in the scene,” ninth grader Alayna Huss said. 

There is a connection of Halloween throughout the entire play. The play also turns these scary stories into a silly story to make it more enjoyable. 

“When I got her role, my mom told me that I was just like her. I had a sweetheart and a sassy side,” Blazer said.

The characters of the play differ from one another showing different personalities and actions.

“With a lot of practice, it took me a week or two to memorize my lines,” Huss said. 

The script of the play is designed to fit a style of changing the scary meaning of the story into a silly one.

“Another theme would probably be having allies and friends will help you a lot. Most of the scenes have to deal with friends bonding and helping each other,” Krause said.

The play includes the idea of friends and how they overcome difficulties together trying to show how helpful they are to each other. 

“Drama practice has been really good and productive. They have started on blocking their scenes. I know that learning lines was a little bit of a challenge for this particular show,” Hetrick said. 

Being a part of the play requires students to remember their lines to do a better job on acting and performing the character’s actions and words on the stage. 

“So for the actors, they have to audition. We had students from all grade levels. We choose all the students that stand out and show character. The tech crew – they all have to apply, and we try to pick students from every grade level,” Hetrick said.

The drama club follows a certain system of choosing the actors and the tech. crew. The kids will have to audition so the drama club advisers can choose the best actors and guide them throughout the play. 

“Well, you have to think about a lot of things. Blocking scenes, set designs, lighting, costuming, advertising and communicating the vision of the show with other directors and then you put all of that together,” Hetrick said.  

The drama club is offering a senior citizen preview on Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. On Oct. 24 and 25 the play begins at 7 p.m. In these two dates, a student will have to pay $3 and an adult must pay $5. The tickets are sold in front of the door. The play is going to be performed in the school’s auditorium.