NASCAR in a flash: Darlington and the All-Star race


Jeff Gordon starting his 700 career start. Photo courtesy of PDA.PHOTO

Jeff Gordon during his 700 career start.
Photo courtesy of PDA.PHOTO

Last Saturday the Sprint Cup drivers were at Darlington Raceway for the Bojangles 500. Denny Hamlin Made his return for the entire race. Unlike at Talladega where he raced for 20 laps before changing drivers, Hamlin came out of the race with a second place finish behind his teammate Matt Kenseth.

Then the driver that made his 700 career start at Darlington where he has seven wins. Which he has started all of them with Rick Hendrick. He finished third in front of his teammate Jimmie Johnson who finished fourth and is the leader in points.

I bet you are wondering who the all – star race is going to be run. Here is how it is going to be run this weekend. To qualify they will run three laps around the track including a four tire pit stop and that time will determine where they will be placed for the All-Star race. Then after that the drivers that did not make the All-Star race will race two 20 lap segments and the drivers who finish in the top two places will move into the All-Star race. Then the drivers will complete four segments with 20 laps with optional pit stops in between. But after the final segment they must make a four tire stop then after that they will have 10 laps to race to the finish and it is a winner take all race.