Reading changes everything

Sufana Hamid, Reporter

Books, the magical world of creative thinking, change many humans’ minds by using perennial lessons. Words have changed many societies and generations. Our teenagers are in need of books and their auspicious lessons that must make a difference in a reader’s life. Reading is a very generous action that every student should use and learn from.  

English students should read at least seven books per year. The novels must be from different genres to insure the students viewed multiple ideas and thoughts in one year. The students’ creativity and usage of higher level vocabulary will increase after reading more novels. The student’s knowledge might help them in other classes as well. For instance, a lot of novels include facts or typical ideas of many subjects. Historical fiction would be a marvelous choice to read from.  Students may also get to understand and solve many social issues, because of a certain book they have read. A lot of authors focus on teens. The reason behind their choice is very clear to sight. Authors nowadays aren’t only trying to show off their skills or ideas, they are mostly trying to have a compassionate theme behind their novels. 

Choose unusual novels to read. It might be difficult for many nonfiction readers, but trying new things is always efficient. Don’t be afraid to read a novel that talks about war or any disaster. A book is never old, so enjoy every single moment of it. In addition, English teachers will get a better opportunity of interacting with kids. Yes, students may feel boredom unless teachers choose the most interesting novels out there. For instance, Agatha Christie’s books are very complicated and thoughtful.

The school could also include some of the Harry Potter’s series. Students might be more comfortable with reading series of books. Since the actions and the plots tie together, the students will understand and enjoy it. The atmosphere of the class might also change into an amiable atmosphere. Student will also become better writers while writing any narrative essay.  All in all, reading is a wonderful way of learning, and it should be used more often.