Sport, clubs, activities need more support from students, teachers


Editorial Board

There are over thirty different and diverse clubs, sports and music programs here. It can be quite difficult to have support from the student and staff bodies for everything. 

Even though it may be difficult to find the time to go and support the clubs, sports and music programs, it is important that everyone should try and do so. Support should be shown to these groups who put so much time into their activities and have a lot to show for it.

Many of the school activities run on support and getting everyone involved. Fundraisers are one way that the clubs and music programs here get more support. This funding makes it so that the students involved don’t have to give up any parts of what they love to do. So if making it to an event seems impossible, helping the groups to fundraise will also support them.

Sports also need help from students and teachers, with cheering them on during games and matches. Sports teams and games can be a lot more exciting when there is a huge crowd cheering them on. Even other clubs and music programs can always use help from other adults when there are areas for events or during practices that could use extra helping hands.

Understandably, not everyone can have time to support these activities all the time. But there isn’t a need for everyone to do it all the time. There are enough students and adults involved with the school that if everyone took some time to go to an event when he or she did have the free time, there would be a lot better attendance and helper rates for these activities. 

Even just going to one out of every two or three events heard about can really help boost support for activities. Students could even try going to these events with friends or family to hang out and enjoy something together. Most of these events don’t even take very long or cost a lot to go to, and students can always leave early if the need arises.

Supporting the clubs, sports and music programs doesn’t take much for people to do. So next time students or adults hear about a new event going on, take a chance and go see that event. Students and adults may just find a new interest while there.