Moving ninth grade to high school will enhance education


Kenzi Doran

Pep Talk!! Coach Damon Luciano has a conversation with the team right after the game. The team meets at the “A” to talk with the coaches after every game.

Editorial Board

Moving ninth grade to high school is an efficient action the school board has taken. Students will understand how their GPA works and how it affects their college applications. Additionally there will be a positive effect for students athletes and shared teachers.

A lot of ninth grade students aren’t aware of what their GPA effects. Some of them don’t even know that they’re labeled as high schoolers. Moving to the new building will assure the students they’re a part of high school. They will get a better chance of understanding the GPA system which will make them try twice as hard. 

Moving to the new school will also give  students athletes less time of traveling to their practice area. Since they are considered to be a part of high school, they can’t play with the middle schoolers so they walk down the street trying to reach their practice area. It also means that they wouldn’t need to leave the class extra early after moving to high school. Some might think six minutes off class won’t make a difference, but it does. A lot of teachers talk about important information in the last ten to six minutes of class.  

Some teachers will have a stable schedule after moving to high school. Few teachers teach in both middle and high school. They have to cross the street to get to their jobs in harsh weather as well. During winter, teachers have to walk on a sidewalk that is filled with snow and ice. It will also give them more time to prepare for the next class instead of making them rush over everything. 

Changing the student’s education system could be really positive. Students may feel more comfortable with upperclassmen. They will get the chance of making new friends after a long time in middle school. Ninth graders could learn from upperclassmen and make good friendships with them as well. Ninth graders may also have a lot of shared opinions with upperclassmen, which can cause them to team up together and make a great team in any sport or any club. For instance, students may start participating in different clubs because of liking the upperclassmen’s activities or thoughts. 

Some people might disagree and say that moving to high school is a waste of time. It’s not a waste of time when you assure a better future for kids. Moving to high school will take some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s a waste. It’s a generous action that will help the community to become  more powerful. 

Just know that moving to high school was one of the best choices ever. It will help kids and teachers in many ways. Moving to high school is a great idea for all of the ninth graders.