What holiday tradition are you looking forward to and why?


Sufana Hamid, Reporter

“I’m looking for spending my time with my family and sharing presents. I do that tradition because it gives us time to spend with each other,” ninth grader Bailey Gerlach said.
“Going to my aunt’s house, because I get to see my family, which doesn’t happen very often,” ninth grade Olivia Hollen said.
“Well, of course the turkey, because it tastes good, but we also get small gifts during Thanksgiving. It’s great to see family and all, and it’s just nice to have a break from school,” ninth grader Jayden Jones said.
“For Christmas, I usually go down to New Jersey and everybody in my family goes to my nana’s house, and she makes a big dinner for all of us. I do this tradition because I love to gather with my family members and have a lovely time,” ninth grader Anaiyah Crone said.
“For Christmas, I usually have a big dinner at my grandma’s house. After, I invite all my friends over so we can exchange gifts and have a good time together,” Nyelah Strobel said.